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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Salary Theorum

Postulate 1: Knowledge is Power
Postulate 2: Time is Money
Every engineer knows: Power=Work/Time

Since: knowledge=power
then knowledge=work/time
and time=money,
then knowledge=work/money

solving for money: money=work/knowledge

This is a theorum that proves that egnineers and some scientists will never make as much money as salesmen, advertising directors, and/or other meaningless jobs. As money increases, knowledge decreases. as knowledge decreases, money gets further towards infinity, regardless of work...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Dead Trees and Aluminum Poles

I think that Ive found my favorite style of writing.
Its fairly simple, it involves the amount of DETAIL integrated in each piece of fiction or fact that one may write.
In some writers cases, it seems as though throughout the story, unneeded information is presented to the reader, as an attempt to immerse the reader in the literary world further than the initial story may be able to do. THIS IS A MISTAKE. Certain writers (no offense is meant, I love the stories), such as JRR Tolkien, and Stephen King often put WAY too much detail in their stories. IE, LOTR: throughout the masterpiece, the literature is riddled with the ENTIRE length of hobbit songs, all of which seem irrelevent to the story, and all take up a considerable amount of paper to store! (In addition, without music, its difficult to sing along. Am I right?)
Next is Stephen King, who, while being a fantastic story writer, cant seem to resist describing EVERY error, EVERY misdeed, and EVERY dis-sadisfactory event that ever occured in the main characters (or all secondary characters) lives! I like knowing all the facts, but if what the mother of the protagonist of the story did in bed when she was 14 isnt relevent to the plot, THEN IT SHOULDNT BE PUT INTO THE STORY!!!

Ive found that I am unable to read these types of books, simply because I grow bored of reading mindless pointless "facts." So instead, I read a different style of book.

My favorite authors are those who dont spend TOO much time reminicing on the past, but instead focus on the matters at hand, and dont dwell on the past, unless its proves useful or explainatory to the events in question.
Dan Brown is a good example of this. Ive read all of his books in quick time, not just because they capture the reader, but because I quickly grow interested in the plot, and dont have to worry about useless past information that doesnt relate directly to the story.
Dean Koontz is another good example. Simple reliable storytelling, that doesnt dwell on character past far enough for a reader to lose interest.

This post probably seems either confusing, a large waste of a webpage, both, or one of the above, but there is reason and logic behind this madness!

Think of a dead tree. No leaves, just branches sticking everywhere, and not really intertwining as the tree stops rising. This is how I see DETAILED stories, like those of Tolkien and King. The start is simple, but gets cluttered and confusing as the plot grows.

Now, think of a straight aluminum pole, like that of a metal fence post. This is how I see BEARABLE-TO-READ books, like those of Koontz and Brown. Simple straight forward story telling, from start to finish.

That was the whole point of the article, sorry to disappoint...
just remember dead trees and aluminum poles when ur picking out a book from your favorite author ok?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm BACK!!!



the past week, has been ...

i dunno...

a week...

I went to ACE camp, at Daniel Webster college, where I learned the basics of flying planes, and some of the more subtle things that pilots must deal with for such things.
The first day was easily the worst...
The thursday b4 i left, I had an small shaving cut on my chin, that couldnt heal properly, cause of the fact that my "chin skin" moves around a lot. So it got infected, and I developed an odd lump on the bottom of my chin, a swolen gland of sorts and "ampitigo"sp on the infected area. Its some sorta easy-to-spread skin infection that looks like a really nasty scab. so i dealt with it for the week. but it gets better!
Along with the lump, and the scabs, I also developed a really sore throat! This was so sore, that I couldnt eat without it feeling like needles were being jabbed into the sides or back of my tongue. It was a horrible feeling, and I lost 12 pounds cause of it! I'm now only 172 lbs, instead of my usual 184! I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT!
So anyways, back to the good stuff!
Aside from being sick, the week was good, we learned how to fly the local Cessnas, which was WICKED SWEET!
By myself, I did 2 take offs, one landing, and a bunch of random flying around. My instructors showed my partner and I zero-g's when stuff seems to float inside the plane! We also did sideways flips, and stalls, but those werent as awesome.
Other than the actual flying, we playes a lot of volley ball, which is now my 2nd fav sport, next to dodge ball. We also had classes we needed to attend, which was ok, we had some nice teachers. But it was a lot like school.
Also, we went to Imax movies about the space station, and to manchester Airport or tours, but those were REALLY boring.
But all is good, cause the week was awesome, and the end of it was pretty good. Each group was required to perform some sort of skit for the parents, which was embarassing at first, but I got to be one of the major roles, and I had a GREAT time doing it. I think I did fairly well myself...
So on the last day, b4 the skits, my parents came in, and guess who was with them! ANNA CAME ALONG TO SEE ME!!!
It coulnt have been more of a happy day, I was SO happy to just head for home, even though i was really infected. I couldnt eat, and it was getting difficult for me to speak, so the next day, after senior pics, (which went really well, though we forgot to bring extra clothes, (Anna has a terrific smile btw)), we went to the doctors office, where I got some meds that really helped me get better!
So now Im here again... blogging... though I really missed anna, and she really missed me back, and we both showed it earlier today, when we finally kissed again, the first time since I left for camp! cause I couldnt b4, I was too sick, but now im better, and wow. She is an amazing kisser.
Shes the love of my life, and I'm the happiest person on earth to be in such a great relationship with her. Our relationship has 2 sides it seems. The passionate side, where we kiss, and the intellectual side, where we talk. Both of them are absolutely fantastic, and we can survive, if for some reason, one fails, or is unavailable, or w/e. And thats what happened for the last couple o weeks. We couldnt kiss, cause I was sick, and I dont want her to catch it. But we still had the intellectual side to fall back on, so no worries. But now...!... im not sick anymore, and were back on track! I love everything about her, and she really is an amazing girl. We can talk about ANYTHING, or we can kiss, its one or the other, and we're both fine with either outcome.
Ive never been happier writing a blog like this...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dreams seem to be a good topic...

HEY! How many ppl have had dreams where theyre self aware of the fact thats they are, in fact, dreaming?
i remember one dream that I had, I think it was the result of my head switching places with my feet on my bed, cause I'm odd like that.... anyway, I was in like a cartoon world. The old black and white cartoons were on at the time, u know, the kind with the tapdancing elephants in stripes and a cane, while a cat tries to sabotage the performance...
I remember, I was just watching as the cat was being evil around the elephant. And it suddenly occured to me, that this wasnt real life, it was a DREAM!!! So I started freaking out, cause my little 7 year old head thought I wasnt gonna be able to escape this evil dream world! So i convinced myself that I will close my eyes, then wake up in my bed...
and It didnt work...
I woke up in my bed, and everything seemed ok, except for the Trex walking by my window...
So i tried again, and found myself in the dark... but it was toooo dark...
So again, I tried to wake up, and I awoke outside of a rock concert and the line was HUGE! I knew it was still a dream, cause a couple of cartoons were on the loose, and their was a teenage conehead waiting in the line.
This went on for what seemed a lot longer than my usual 8 hours of sleep. I eventually awoke in the real world, and I was no longer crying. I was afraid to go back to sleep after that...
But I did, and the dream still haunts me to this day. If ever it occures again, I can usually wake myself out of it...
Thats it.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

what is it with dreams?

I just dont get it.... y do we have them?!?!
I dont understand the point... I seem to have them whenever something stressful or mind boggling is occuring in my life, and I can usally connect the events...
Not anymore
The other day, I had one of those dreams where I was at school... naked...
I was in french class, which I no longer study, with 2 kids from my freshmen health class, and Anna. And for some reason, there was a bathroom stall in the corner! so I went in, then came out without the "essential coverings" (it is at this point of writing the article that i dont know y I'm telling u this on the internet...) And I just sat down, and class started!
That was the whole dream, and I awoke later to find that I had rotated 180 degrees around, so my head was hanging off where my feet normally were...

But thats besides the point...
I just dont understand the dream.
I'm not the type of person who would even consider walking naked into my FRENCH class. and y were those 2 ppl from my old health class there?!?!

Normally, dreams have meaning, or messeges, or something like that, and I can normally identify them... just not this one. Heres one where I can decypher the meaning....

I see myself and my mother in a big open white expanse, like the kind of thing ud find in a scifi movie where the character is lost in their own mind.
My mother is holding my head, and I'm saddened. She knows shes gonna die really soon, and I'm just trying to see her off properly. So we're just spending our time together as nice a son and mother can.
Then I see a valley, more like a ravine actually, like the ones in "the mummy returns." and at the entrance to the valley, was a gate, holding back water.
I see my mom and I again, and the moment of passing is upon us, and the gate holding back the water breaks loose, and the water floods the ravine, and I start to cry for my mom.
I can sorta see the signifigance of this dream, as I've had them before.

But ive also had dreams in which nothing really happens, just really random crap. like this one dream that I've had 3 times, with different variations each time, but the basic plot is the same.

The dream usually goes like this...
Im in a race, like an obstacle course. To my left is a huge waterfall, and straight ahead of me, is a river of liquid sidewalk. After we start, we come up to a turn, which leads to a flooded garbage dump! We have to waddle through the mess to a hill, which leads to another turn, which brings us to a haunted house. I remember, in different variations, that I've entered the house, or Ive' skipped the entire thing, or I ran away and hid. But after the house, is an entire fairground of JUST yellow ferris wheels. And Ive either rode all of them with my pals, ran through them, or skipped it by going around it.
Either way, after the wheels, we have to jump off of the very same waterfall we saw at the begining, and waddle our way back to the starting line.
And every time, I make like 5th place, but I'm treated as though I won the first place prize. then I wake up...

I dont get this dream at all, but its fun to recall it.

I'm sorry that this article isnt going anywhere, but I needed to update, and ur welcome to share and comment!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So what about the rest of u?!?!

is it jsut me, or is no one else reading my blogs?!? It seems like only Legionaire and Anna are reading my posts, on either blog, Aside from the occasional Ally Ally in free. Now I'm grateful for all comments, but I cant tell how many other ppl are out there who maybe reading my stuff. I know there are several types of site meters and things that record data for websites, such as the number of ppl that viewed the page, but those dont seem to work for me...
i know that I'm prolly just asking for trouble here, but if there is ANYONE out there that reads my blog(s) and doesnt comment, please, Please, PLEASE comment just this once! Just so I know that other ppl r out there who care!!!

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